Organizational Summary

History and Experience

NICL Laboratories, as it exists today, provides the ultimate commitment to its clients in responsive laboratory technology, staffing, quality and service. NICL has provided laboratory services to various hospitals and surgicenters, hundreds of nursing homes, clinics and physician offices, almost continuously during the last 17 years under the present directors and management. Always, NICL was challenged to accept an uncommon breadth of responsibilities. During these years, NICL performed with pride and commitment, and a willing spirit of enthusiastic investment. We consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to the continuously escalating demands for quality and service that have characterized the changes in laboratory expectations. Our development personnel always sought to purchase, install and execute the most current service features, state-of-the-art equipment, rapid on-site testing and the best technical and management staffing in a cost-effective manner.

Innovative Leadership

Delivering on its promise to undertake a serious development and investment role for its clients, NICL introduced the LIS concept to its clients many years before most laboratories and hospitals in the wider competing area had even considered LIS for their largely manual laboratory environments. NICL was CLIA licensed before most local laboratories knew about federal licensing, and it achieved accreditation by both JCAHO and CAP. We feel uniquely vested and qualified in continuing in our primary mission and livelihood - that of providing cost effective service to our clients that is flexible and capable of adjusting to the new market demands and future standards that are emerging.

Our organization offers a balanced complement of qualifications, expertise, dedication to quality, service, testing capabilities development, and flexibility.

Medical Directors

Our pathologists all have many years of experience as Medical Directors of various professional, commercial and community hospital laboratories. Their past positions include Chairmanship and Directorship of both large and small suburban hospitals and a prominent Chicago area university hospital laboratory network. We have held numerous leadership, influential and Board positions in many technical associations, corporations, foundations and pathology circles and departments.

Ph.D. Specialists

We maintain the full time services of an M.D. with a Ph.D. in Microbiology. And, apart from our pathologists, the consulting services of two other Ph.D.s in selected technical areas.

Administration and Management

Business and financial aspects of our organization are under the direction of an experienced Kellogg graduate in finance and management, with a second Masters degree in Teaching and Administration.

Medical Technology Specialists

Equal attention to expertise and special capabilities guides us in selection and continued development of the other members of our team. The core management group of our organization consists of twelve B.S. and M.S. graduates in Medical Technology, with an average experience of 20 years.

Education Specialist

Recognizing the importance of continuous education and on-site training, we employ a full time specialist with a Peabody M.Ed. degree.

Computer Specialists

Prompt attention to LIS needs is assured by the dedicated team of programmers and system specialists that our organization employs and who are available around-the-clock for emergencies.

Market Analysts

Currently we maintain a team of market analysts which are backed by a rapid service and product development group allowing us to frequently lead the market with innovative capabilities, and prompt competitive response.

Team Members

While the above specialists of NICL are few in number, they lead 200+ members of various support teams. These include phlebotomists, couriers, technologists, technicians, sales associates, customer service representatives, receptionists, data entry personnel, billing, financial and administrative assistants, computer operators, and more!

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