Mission Statement

NICL Laboratories exist to serve the needs of our patients, physicians, hospitals, long term care facilities, and the community at large. In pursuit of that mission, we, the staff of the NICL family, commit to the following values:

Service to Humanity

To care for life's precious gift of health is a calling of the highest order. We recognize the vulnerability that accompanies fear and hope. We accept responsibility entrusted to us everyday to serve humanity.

Excellence in Performance

By bringing together talented, dedicated people and advanced technology. We take pride in ourselves, our colleagues, and our workplace. We demonstrate that pride in the quality of service we deliver each day.

Respect for the Individual

We treat all people with dignity, respect, devotion, and compassion. We believe that every person is unique, and has the right to participation in the matters that affect him or her.

Value of Employees

More than buildings and equipment; people are the NICL system. Our success depends on fairness and individual respect. All employees are provided opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the fulfillment of our mission and are recognized for their accomplishments.

Integrity in Relations

We are committed to fairness and honesty in all of our relations. We recognize that our ability to sustain relations, based on mutual trust, is the foundation of our success.

Community Responsibility

To provide quality health care and continuous efforts to contain costs. We accept the responsibility to support research, education, and public service programs that enrich the quality of life in our community.

Equal Access

We believe all people deserve equal access to care and service. In our pursuit of this belief, we are constrained by financial resources. We must balance our commitment to provide equal access to care and service with our obligation to ensure the continuing availability of quality health care for the future.

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